Thinking of Starting Your Own Personal Care Home? We Can Help!

Businesswoman standing in front of a personal care home

Owning a personal care home can be extremely rewarding.

If you have a passion for making a real and lasting difference with your life, there’s nothing quite as fulfilling as meeting the care needs of our older population, those who have dedicated their lives to caring for others, and who now need and deserve to age with dignity and respect.

As both our life expectancies and our aging population continue to increase, the need for safe, dependable aging care options is exploding. And while many seniors and their families are opposed to nursing home living, the fact remains that for safety and health reasons, around-the-clock care is often a necessity.

The solution? Personal care homes, which provide seniors with the opportunity to continue to live and thrive in a small, homelike setting that feels like family, while receiving full-time, individualized care and support, are often the preferred choice.

Starting a personal care home is a great way to help meet the needs of older adults in your community while gaining your own sense of personal fulfillment, as well as financial benefits. It involves:

  • Researching to determine the best location for your personal care home, according to census figures of older adults in different areas, competition, and what particular needs are greatest in those areas.
  • Developing a business plan to include financing and operational details.
  • Securing the location for your home, confirming zoning requirements, access to hospitals and medical facilities, etc.
  • Applying for licensure.
  • Hiring and training staff.
  • Marketing your personal care home when ready to open.

Although it may seem daunting to consider such an undertaking, Innovative Senior Solutions can make the process much easier! As an award-winning, Georgia-based senior care provider, we offer a variety of consulting services based on your particular needs to help you start and manage a successful personal care home. Packages include:

  • Turnkey solution with leased facility, providing you with a completely renovated, ready-for-inspection residential personal care home for up to 24 residents for you to lease, along with:
    • A policy/procedure manual
    • License application completion/submission
    • EIN number and LLC incorporation
    • Required owner/operator personnel file
    • And as many on-site visits as needed until your license application is approved
  • Turnkey solution for a facility you already own, including the policy/procedure manual, license application completion/submission, and an on-site visit to ensure everything at the facility meets licensure requirements.
  • Subcontracting, offering state-required biweekly assessments and documentation by an RN, and quarterly compliance visits to ensure your personal care home meets all regulations required for Medicaid.
  • State-required staff training and documentation for yourself and three additional staff members.
  • Consultation on brand-building and driving sales.

If the thought of starting a new personal home care business is intriguing, we’d love to talk with you to share more ways we can help make your dream a reality! Call us at 866-409-0582 to learn more.