Why You Should Feel at Home with Home Care

home careIt’s a fact: overwhelmingly, the majority of older adults long to age at home instead of facing a move to an assisted living facility or nursing home. Home is where they’ve created a lifetime of memories, where they can relax and be themselves, where everything is familiar and comforting. However, aging brings with it a number of issues that can make living at home unsafe: physical concerns such as chronic diseases and frailty, or cognitive functioning difficulties, to name just a few.

Although it may seem when issues such as these take hold that remaining at home is no longer an option, take heart – home care is a viable option for many seniors, through professional in-home care agencies like Innovative Senior Solutions. Here’s why we strongly recommend home care for older adults:

  1. Typically, seniors enjoy a much greater level of overall wellbeing when given the opportunity to age at home.
  2. Senior home care enhances comfort, independence and dignity.
  3. Research shows that patients are able to heal quicker at home than in a hospital or nursing home, and are much less likely to require a re-hospitalization.
  4. Home care benefits both the senior and his or her family, allowing for more involvement in the older adult’s care.
  5. Care can be personalized to each person’s unique needs when provided in a one-on-one setting in the home.
  6. Home care allows the senior to receive the highest quality care, since there’s no need to wait for care as in a nursing home or other long-term care institution.
  7. Meals can be prepared according to the senior’s unique likes, dislikes, and dietary restrictions by a professional in-home caregiver.
  8. A caregiver can assist with ensuring the senior engages in an ongoing exercise program, providing encouragement by participating with the senior.
  9. There’s simply no comparison to the comfort and security of being at home.
  10. Seniors are able to enjoy activities and events outside of the home with the assistance of an in-home caregiver’s transportation and accompaniment services.

To learn more about how professional in-home care can help your senior loved ones live a higher quality of life at home, contact Innovative Senior Solutions’ Cordele GA home care team at 866-928-3670. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have and to schedule a free in-home consultation to share more about our Albany home care services and how they can enhance safety, alleviate isolation, and restore joy.