Strategies for Success in Staffing Your Senior Care Business

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Valuing employees is the first step in successfully staffing your senior care business.

Today, more than ever before, a reputable senior care business is in increased demand. With the elder population continuing to grow, more and more older adults and their families are looking for senior care solutions that are reliable and safe. In addition, the pandemic has exacerbated existing challenges with recruitment and retention, making it difficult to find, hire and keep care staff who have experience and/or desire to work with seniors.

As a residential personal care home business owner, you know that hiring and retaining great care staff not only helps to solidify your reputation in the community and your ability for long-term growth, but it also translates into providing excellent care. When employees are happy and invested, it’s reflected in every interaction – with each other, with clients, with families, and with the community at large.

What Makes an Employer Stand Out in a Crowded Field?

Many residential personal care home business owners state that their goal is to be an employer of choice in the local community. Outlining what this looks like is critical in meeting that goal and in establishing a company culture that not only provides jobs, but invests in its human resources. Attracting and retaining care staff means placing time, energy and priority into critically assessing and addressing what staff members want and what will help them remain with the company for the long term. According to a recent Home Care Pulse survey, care staff cited the following criteria for enhancing job satisfaction.

  1. Good communication. From answering questions about clients to being notified in a timely manner about schedule changes, great communication is key in establishing a work environment that builds trust. Ensure that care staff have multiple channels for reaching administrative office staff – phone, email, text or client management software. Additionally, make it a priority to respond to staff inquiries as soon as possible, showing that their time is just as valuable as your time.
  2. Competitive pay. While it may not be possible to increase your pay rate dramatically, care staff should be paid a wage that reflects their importance as it relates to the company’s desire to deliver consistently excellent care. Be creative and think outside of the box of other ways in which to enhance compensation rates – a day off on the staff member’s birthday, a gift card to a local restaurant, etc.
  3. Ongoing training and education. Exceptional care team members are in the elder care field because they love the opportunity to help seniors. Providing professional development opportunities for them to increase their knowledge and learn new skills not only demonstrates that you value their experience and commitment, but it also demonstrates to individuals new to the industry that caregiving is a career track and not simply a job with no opportunities for long-term growth.
  4. A robust benefits package. To set your company apart from the competition, put together a benefits package that reflects the priorities of your team and be sure they are aware of the benefits available to them. Survey staff annually to determine what benefits are being used and which haven’t quite hit the mark, and then adjust accordingly. PTO, health insurance, mileage reimbursement, gym memberships, maternity leave, flexibility, and 401k programs are just a few of the examples of benefits that will lead to a more committed and qualified employee recruitment pool and help retain current employees for the long term.
  5. Recognition for a job well done. Caregiving can be both emotionally and physically exhausting. Reward your team individually and as a group for delivering consistently excellent care. Bring in lunch once a month for staff members, designate an employee of the month, be generous with praise and take the time to tell care team members individually that you see the great job they are doing.

Becoming an employer of choice in the residential personal care home industry begins with being willing to listen to what employees want. If you aren’t already surveying staff annually, implement this in order to really gauge what staff members value and to identify where there are opportunities for improvement. Use these survey results to establish a solid plan for retaining your existing team and then use those positive results as a recruitment tool. By establishing a workplace culture that values employee performance, listens to employee feedback, and invests in their long-term career success, you create a foundation for a business that can grow and prosper under a variety of circumstances.

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